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Can anybody really take on Adobe?

New member
I believe Adobe, which is now using Firefly and generative AI in their products, is going to be the leader in generative AI. They are huge, they have the resources, the community, the brand-name history, etc.

Before AI came to surface, I felt that people were "shifting" away from Adobe, hated their subscription model, and moving to other creative companies like Affinity.

What do you all think?
With any company, there is always room for competition and I do not believe this will be any different for Adobe. It is true that with their subscription model, many were moving away from Adobe and this may be something that reels those back in but with other companies such as Google with Bard and Grok from Elon Musk, they will bring some tough competition.
New member
It's anybody's game at this point.

Other companies will need to implement AI or they will fall behind those that DO implement it.