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Google Bard in education...a boon or a bane?

New member
I'm interested by the potential applications of Google Bard in the educational sector.

Could Bard become an invaluable tool for students, providing instant, tailored explanations?

Or might it lead to a reliance that diminishes critical thinking and research skills?

I'm interested to hear opinions, particularly from educators and students who have interacted with Bard.
Google Bard in education would have its advantages but I do feel that if we see students and even teachers or educators rely on a system like Google Bard, it would lead to many using this option as an easy way to complete tasks and work and not using their skills and research which would eventually, result in many becoming lazy.
If you use AI tools like Bard for research or generate ideas and get inspiration, these are certainly boon. However, if you use these tools to write dissertations, term papers, or do home work, these are certainly a bane. It all depends on how you are acxtually using it.