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Launching an AI solopreneur business

New member
For us single-person or couple-person businesses, AI obvi has a lot of promise to let us scale and compete with the big guys. We all know there's a real opportunity for people to scale an existing business with AI (i.e. scaling your own personality) or starting a new AI business.

So what's AI good at? It’s great at boosting your efforts, so in less time you can do a lot more. There's great advice on how to launch an AI business. Wanted to share some of it.
  • Costs: Understand costs. AI usage is not free! It costs money. And the more you scale, it scales up in cost too.
  • Expertise: Understand what its good at and what it's not good at. Some tasks are not appropriate for AI use!
  • Sales Strategy: Know how to monetize AI products. Selling subscriptions to GPTs is an awesome way to do this.
  • Human-centric: Take a human-first approach! Emphasize the human part of your business. People aren't gonna buy it just cuz it's AI!