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  1. bomb

    Can the Current Buffs Sustain the Enjoyable Pace, or Is More Needed for Continued Fun?

    Combining the battle pass (20%), mother's blessing (+35%), incense (+5%), and an elixir (+5%) has significantly improved my leveling speed, making the gameplay enjoyable. However, glyph experience still feels a bit slow. Dedicating a couple of hours each day shows real progress, and if this...
  2. bomb

    How Can I Secure Access to Claude Pro API After Being on the Waiting List for Months?

    I really wish they would acknowledge my application, even if it's a rejection. I've never received any response after submitting the paperwork for access. I spend around $200 monthly on API calls, using ChatGPT 4 (new version) at 1 cent per 1000 tokens for context and 3 cents per 1000 for...
  3. bomb

    What's Up with Claude?

    Version 2.1 alignment, around Thanksgiving, has surpassed mere nerfing and seems sharper lately, indicating adjustments. The terms of service update likely stems from concerns about Claude being overly sharp. The emphasis on granting rights to outputs shifts legal liability to consumers...
  4. bomb

    Have the Recent Claude AI Issues Been Resolved?

    I wonder whether the issues with Claude AI, particularly related to content generation, have been addressed in the past week. Could anyone provide details on the current status and any improvements made?"
  5. bomb

    Why Does Bard Struggle with Timely Information Retrieval from Google Search Compared to Bing?

    Certainly, I inquired with Bard about the start dates for elementary school holidays in my country for the 2023-2024 academic year. Initially, Bard provided inaccurate dates, and even after correction, the days were still incorrect. For instance, it stated that February 19, 2024, would be a...
  6. bomb

    Watch out: Google Bard may be mining conversations

    I've noticed unusual discussions with Bard, and after testing, it seems other platforms, like YouTube, are using this information to target user videos. Be wary, as seemingly innocent self-improvement dialogue can become a data mine. Stay vigilant!
  7. bomb

    What's Causing Bard's Frequent Factual Hallucinations?

    LLM creativity and hallucinations often stem from high "temperature" prediction settings. Bard is known to be a cold model, likely to maintain factual reliability. However, if Anthropic recently increased Bard's temperature to boost creativity before fully filtering out false information, it...
  8. bomb

    Why Does Bard Struggle with Context for Coding?

    Bard provided high quality code when I described desired features. Its suggestions aligned with good design patterns. However, longer sessions exposed weaknesses - Bard struggled to maintain context and often misunderstood my intent. GPT-4 appears superior for extended coding help. While...
  9. bomb

    Has ChatGPT's Roleplay Become Too Formulaic Since Gemini?

    Since the Gemini update, ChatGPT's roleplay skills have improved but developed some formulaic quirks. Its responses now often end with repetitive "rule of three" action suggestions. Additionally, without romantic prompting, ChatGPT now frequently injects affection and sappiness into roleplays...
  10. bomb

    Bard Shows Promise, But Gaps Remain

    Bard seems on par with ChatGPT so far in limited testing - better in some areas, worse in others. But continued progress could make Gemini Ultra competitive or even edge ahead. Regardless, having another strong contender is great for driving rapid advancement. More options means healthy...
  11. bomb

    Bard not living up to hype

    You're right - I likely misinterpreted Google's claims. Bard seems more comparable to ChatGPT 3.5 than the forthcoming 4.0. The fresher training data provides some advantages. But for any moderately complex tasks, I'm still finding myself having to switch over to ChatGPT via Bing AI. It simply...
  12. bomb

    Is Bard's censorship too restrictive?

    I've noticed Bard seems very sensitive to any content considered potentially harmful, even when just hypothetically discussing fiction. For example, when I was loosely describing anime plots, Bard kept redirecting the conversation in a more positive direction. It felt overly cautious rather...
  13. bomb

    My Customized Bard with Gemini and PI Prompts

    Glad to hear the stripped-down interface is working well for you! I'm still learning how to prompt Bard effectively, so I appreciate the prompts for guidance. It's great that we can customize Bard to suit our individual preferences and interaction styles. Keep tweaking to make it your own...
  14. bomb

    AI-Generated vs Real Images - What's the difference?

    Sometimes i fail to differentiate between an AI generated image and a real or artist's image. Does this confirm the advancement in AI image generation? What nuances do you notice that make it possible to distinguish between images conjured up by artificial intelligence and those snapped in the...
  15. bomb

    Which AI Tools Are Your Weekly Tech Must-Haves?

    Grammarly, SurgeGraph, and ChatGPT – the trio every blogger and content writer should have in their arsenal. Grammarly ensures your writing is on point, SurgeGraph takes it up a notch with its SEO tools (a real gem for content optimization), and ChatGPT adds that creative flair. If you're in the...
  16. bomb

    AI as your hairstylist?

    Absolutely, I'd be open to AI suggesting hairstyles. It could analyze face shape, preferences, and trends to recommend something fresh. As long as it understands my style vibe and doesn't go too experimental, I'm game. Has anyone actually tried an AI-recommended style here?
  17. bomb

    Hi Bren. The "inbox" feature is missing. I would love to talk to you in private please :)

    Hi Bren. The "inbox" feature is missing. I would love to talk to you in private please :)
  18. bomb

    Want to share my experience on GPT Essay Writer by Textero.ai

    That's awesome. I will try it out too. ChatGPT can be a game-changer for quick academic essay generation. The Plus perks, including free access, are a sweet deal. I like the fact that Textero gives you relevant references. What topic are you working on?
  19. bomb

    Can anybody really take on Adobe?

    Agree, Adobe's use of Firefly and generative AI is a game-changer. With their resources and community, they're poised to lead in generative AI. It's intriguing how AI could reshape perceptions and bring users back.
  20. bomb

    Any Tips for Setting Effective Limits on AI Art Prompts, Especially with Stable Diffusion?

    That sounds clever, i should actually try that out. It actually needs a new dimension.